Bob Niederriter is a jazz artist . He is a composer, guitarist and arranger who has studied and performed with great artists in jazz and modern classical music and has doggedly pursued excellence in the field, immersing himself in the music while seeking inspiration and instruction from the masters.

In coming to know him, however, one sees that his music is informed by an artistic vision that finds its expression through a surprisingly diverse range of work. Niederriter is an accomplished glass blower, painter, cook, and gardener, and his work in each of these areas is expressive of a consistent vision coupled with ample talent and a quiet but potent work ethic. All of these traits seemingly allow Niederriter to emerge as the rare artist who can explore and accomplish in a breadth of disciplines.

2 thoughts on “Bob Niederriter Jazz Guitarist

  1. Chris Hanousek says:

    Best young jazz artist/arranger/composer in NE Ohio.

  2. Chris Hanousek says:

    Bob is an outstanding composer and performer. Plays his own tunes and some old standards. Fun to watch and to listen to

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