This is Bob’s Appearance on ‘Words and Music’, recorded and produced by Recording Arts and Technology and SmartTV at Cuyahoga Community College . 2008.


Below is The Bob Niederriter Quartet appearing on ‘The Crooked River Groove’.Bob Niederriter Quartet live performance for Crooked River Groove .

All songs composed by Bob Niederriter.
1 . Milori
2 . Fata Morgana
3 . Isle Of Silk
4 . Hippatous Hoppatous
Bob Niederriter, Guitar, Andy Michalec, Piano, Val Kent, Drums, Marty Block, Bass

Recorded and Produced by Recording Arts and Technology and SmartTV at Cuyahoga Community College . 2008.

  1. Matt says:

    There are not a lot of people around like Bob who are creative enough and courageous enough to make their own musical projects work. Its refreshing to hear somebody who writes and plays for their passion and then shares that passion with us.

    Great stuff. Thanks, Bob!

  2. Buzbe Tarver says:

    At last, the distant island I want to be shipwrecked on. Bold strokes, fluid lines and chianti. Bob’s talent is unquestionably trepid and the many trios he gathers and like the falling leaves that go on an endless journey into soliloquy. So grab your honeybee, snuggle up to that familiar love seat, throw another log on the fire and enjoy the swing and beachfront calm that he commands… it is time for you to get ‘hip’ again!

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